"F" Breast Cancer Shirts

The "F" Shirt Story: The "F" Breast Cancer shirts were created by Barbara Pinocchio and her girlfriends, Ashley Machado and Amanda Werbeckes from Reno's LoDo Loft Boutique, to raise money for Moms on the Run. The three ladies are actually portrayed as the"stik chix" on the back of the sylish tank top seen below. The "F" does in fact stand for the "F word"; it's how the t-shirt designers feel about breast cancer. These three ladies have sold about 800 shirts already and will continue to create new ones as long as there is a demand for them. Anyone who has bought one of these unique shirts has the understanding and sense of humor that is needed to wear them. All of the funds raised through F-shirt purchases go to Moms on the Run, so it's a great purchase for anyone! 

Where to Buy Your "F" Shirt: The designer "F Breast Cancer" tank and thermal can be purchased at LoDo Loft or at Pinocchio's Bar & Grill (S. Virginia Location).